Let artificial Intelligence solve your expense management

The time of demotivating, expensive and intransparent expense management is over. Yokoy leverages Artificial Intelligence to fully automate your expense- and company credit card process to save time and money, prevent fraud, increase employee satisfaction and allow for valuable data insights. 

Save time and money with Yokoy

With Yokoy, everyone can create an expense in less than 5 seconds – a picture or upload is all it takes. Artificial Intelligence takes care of the rest. The 5-second-rule also applies for line manager approvals and the finance check (both optional) – Yokoy provides the approver with an easy-to-read summary of potential breaches, fraud potential, information (e.g. VAT input tax read-out) and warnings in order to take an approval decision in less than 5 seconds. Compliant expenses can even be auto-approved.

Include your company credit cards

A big pain point of lots of companies is company credit cards. Today, all receipts need to be gathered and sent to the Finance team, which at the end of the month receives the credit card bill and manually matches the corresponding receipts to the transactions and manually processes all data. Yokoy allows for an easy upload of the company credit card bill with an automated matching to the corresponding receipts, which are uploaded by the user on the go. All relevant data (amount, currency, VAT rates & amounts etc.) are automatically read out to avoid time wasted on manual work.

Flexibility and compliance

No matter whether you operate multi legal entities, use multi-currency, have matrix organisations or work in other setups, Yokoy provides full flexibility for approval flows, rank-specific policies, thresholds, reporting currencies, country-based entity VAT rates and more. A wide range of well-known ERP APIs and easy payout options enable end-to-end automation. 

Yokoy guarantees internal company compliance with automated expense policy check as well as fraud detection. External compliance is ensured using a fully tax compliant digital archiving solution.

Data-driven AI solution

Yokoy is built on a sophisticated self-learning Artificial Intelligence model that gets better with every receipt, invoice and decision logged in the system. New data insights on spending patterns can help you identify saving potentials and understand your costs.

Our goal is to fully automate your expense- and company credit card process, increase employee satisfaction and transparency, as well as enable valuable data insights to fully understand your cost patterns and expense behavior. So, you can focus on your core business while we put your expenses and company credit cards on autopilot!

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