Corporate payment cards: Rethinking pays off

Card fees, debit interest, foreign currency fees – what seemed par for the course can now be put into question. Smart corporate cards can not only do far more than classic corporate credit cards, they can also enable companies to reduce their costs around card administration and spend management.

From its beginnings as a cardboard membership card, the credit card has evolved with people's needs. Today, fintech companies like Yokoy continue to drive this evolution. The smart corporate card describes a new approach that is increasingly competing with traditional corporate credit cards.

By connecting directly to spend management tools, smart corporate cards can meet the needs of modern businesses and their employees better than their traditional counterparts, whether in the form of a credit card, debit card or prepaid card. 


  • Compliance: Spending limits can be customized.
  • Full transparency and control: All cards and transactions are clearly displayed on a dashboard.
  • Flexibility: Virtual cards can be created quickly and in line with processes. 
  • Less effort: Automatic reconciliation of transactions and receipts reduces the workload.

The smart corporate card from Yokoy

As a young Swiss fintech company, we are burning to automate corporate spend management with the help of artificial intelligence and smart solutions. The virtual and physical Yokoy Business Platinum Visa Card is a key part of our offering, creating comprehensive spend transparency in companies. 

"We chose the Yokoy card as our corporate card because thanks to the zero-fee model, we not only enjoy the ideal solution on the cost side, but at the same time it allows us to avoid a lot of manual administrative work as well as making our spend management much clearer and more efficient."

Peter Grausgruber, CFO of Bitpanda

Our cards are free: There are no card or foreign currency fees. There are also no foreign exchange surcharges, the interbank exchange rate applies instead. Additionally, with the Yokoy Business Platinum Visa Card, companies benefit from up to 1.0% cashback* on every transaction.

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*Cashback entitlements are limited to the recurring software charges.

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