Feature update: Mileage tracking with Google Maps

Despite the tumultuous times we all are currently going through, at Yokoy we use the time to build the new features we’ve always pushed out. Today, we’d like to present to you “Mileage tracking with Google Maps”, which enables you to submit mileage expenses in 3 clicks!

Enhanced mileage feature for when you’re back on the road again

Although you’re probably bound to home office right now (if you have a job that allows for that) - juggling virtual meetings that have been face-to-face in the past - there will be a time when you’re back on the road. And for this reason we added a brand new perk to our mileage feature. 

In the past, you were already able to track your mileage (or kilometer) by adding the distance you covered in the car for your business trips. Now it is much simpler. With Google maps directly integrated into our expense app, it automatically tracks your start and end coordinates and calculates the mileage expense.

How does the new mileage feature work?

Mileage tracking feature Google Maps

Click on the mileage button in your app. Add the start and end, tap on “calculate distance” et voilà! Once you click on submit, a receipt will be created in Yokoy and handled like any other receipt that you submit in the app. 

Yokoy calculates the shortest distance, what if there is a reason for taking the longer road?

Do not worry: All the inputs (such as travel date, distance, rate) can be edited if needed. 

And for all the Finance specialists out there, you can assign different mileage (or kilometer) rates for different employee groups or ranks making sure that the correct rate(s) is/are used. For Switzerland, the standard kilometer cost for using its private vehicle in 2020 is 0.71 CHF per kilometer according to TCS. 

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