Company credit cards on autopilot

Finally, the time of manually matching receipts to credit card transactions is over! Yokoy just released one of its greatest features – the company credit card integration

What is in there for me as a credit card holder? 

As a company credit card holder, you certainly know the pain of making sure you submit a receipt and expense form for each transaction made with your company card. Remember the times when you forgot to submit a receipt and at the end of the month, the finance team sent you an email with all missing receipts and expense forms, which you certainly can’t find anymore? For you, we’ve integrated the “Credit card” tab in Yokoy – simply take a picture of the receipt, whenever you pay something with your company credit card, submit the expense form and we take care of the rest! Yokoy’s AI robot reads out the credit card number on the receipt and matches it with the corresponding transaction from the company credit card provider. In the “Credit card” tab in your app, you see all transactions for which you’ve not yet submitted a receipt/invoice. If you make sure that everytime you pay something with your company credit card, you also upload/take a picture of the receipt, you are all set! We give you back the most valuable of all things: TIME! 

How does it help me as a finance person?

As a finance person responsible for all company credit cards, today, you waste hours matching receipts and expense forms with transactions, manually entering them in the ERP system and reconciling company credit card statements with single transactions. And this doesn’t even include the entire approval process and what you do when an expense paid with a company credit card is rejected (salary deductions etc.). For you, we’ve leveraged our artificial intelligence technology to automate the full process. In the best case, we already integrate with your company credit card provider and you get the transactions fully automated into Yokoy. Otherwise, no worries, you can simply upload the Excel or CSV file that you get at the end of the month from your company credit card provider in Yokoy, which takes you one minute, and we take it from there. Our smart robots take care of the approval and matching process and whenever a company credit card statement is fully matched and checked (this includes all the VAT input tax read-outs), you can simply export it into your ERP system with one click. We will save you for sure 30 minutes per company credit card in admin work each month! Doesn’t that sound awesome?

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