Yokoy and 60dias take VAT recovery to the next level

Yokoy and 60dias – a leader in VAT reclaim for travel and expense receipts – are entering into a partnership. This new alliance enables international companies with European entities to automate their expense management and VAT recovery processes, regardless of which country they are based in.

We are excited to be joining forces with 60dias, helping companies take their expense management and VAT recovery to the next level. This new partnership brings together 60dias' more than 15 years of experience in tax matters with our expertise in automating the expense process. From now on, customers can benefit from an end-to-end service that covers expense management and VAT recovery in its entirety.

Yokoy & 60dias: Two systems coming together

As part of this partnership, we are leveraging the expense functionality of our spend management platform that enables customers to automate the whole process from filing expenses to booking them. All the while, 60dias contributes its solution for automated VAT reclaim, which analyzes every receipt line by line and obtains complete invoices by the suppliers who issued them. Customers can then recover the VAT on their next declaration. This approach significantly reduces the tax risks, while reimbursments can sometimes be twice as high as initially estimated using traditional management methods.

60dias: leading in T&E VAT recovery

The A Coruña-based company 60dias has around 160 employees and is one of the world's leading providers of VAT recovery on travel expense receipts. 60dias recovers VAT in 30 countries for around 2,500 clients and processes more than 60,000 invoices every day. Unlike many other companies who limit themselves to high value expenses, 60dias processes 100% of its clients’ expenses, regardless of amount.

“Our initial market back in 2008 was Spain, one of the most complex in terms of taxation,” says Ramón Talín, founder and CEO of 60dias. “Based on our experience there, we are currently offering one of the most competitive VAT recovery services in Europe, tailored to our clients’ specific needs.”

Want to learn more about our partnership with 60dias and what it means for you? Then feel free to contact us.

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