DATEV customers now benefit from Yokoy's automated spend management

A leading German software company? An important European IT service provider? DATEV? Yes, exactly: DATEV. Although not as well known as SAP SE or Bull SAS, DATEV is one of the most important providers of business software solutions and cloud computing services in Europe. DATEV's comprehensive software offering has now been expanded: A new interface establishes a connection to the Yokoy's spend management software. This gives DATEV customers new options for processing expense receipts, supplier invoices and credit card transactions.

DATEV is not listed on the stock exchange, but - measured by sales - can count itself among the big players in the European software industry. With more than 8,000 employees, DATEV serves a total of almost half a million customers in several European countries. These customers consist of tax consultants, auditors and lawyers as well as their clients. DATEV provides software and services for tax and business management purposes to this target group.

DATEV was founded in 1966 as a cooperative. The company, headquartered in Nuremberg, describes itself as a "data hub" that transports information between medium-sized companies and external consultants as well as other institutions such as tax authorities, social insurance carriers, health insurance companies and banks. Compared to DATEV, a veteran of the European computer industry, Yokoy is a youngster: the fintech company was founded in Zurich in 2019 and has experienced rapid growth since then. More than 500 medium and large companies from across Europe rely on Yokoy's cloud-based solution for spend management.

Yokoy's spend management can now be used in conjunction with DATEV's software offerings. A programming interface links the two software worlds and allows the DATEV booking data service to mediate between the Yokoy solution and the "data hub". In this way, booking data, master data and the associated document images can be transferred conveniently and securely from Yokoy to the DATEV applications "Kanzlei-Rechnungswesen" or "Mittelstand Faktura".

Here are all the advantages of Yokoy's spend management solution at a glance:

  • Automated spend management from submission to financial posting, incl. VAT posting and calculation of flat rates
  • Expense reporting in just five seconds
  • Individual approval processes, without additional IT support
  • Self-learning solution thanks to artificial intelligence
  • Integrations with popular ERP and CRM systems

"DATEV is a very important strategic partner for us," explains Richard Waldner, Global Head of Partners & Alliances for Yokoy in Munich. "The interface between Yokoy Expense and DATEV now offers mid-sized companies the opportunity to use Yokoy's spend management solution and transfer data securely and directly." 

For more information, visit the DATEV marketplace (German only).

Are you already using DATEV in your company? Sign up now for a no-obligation demo of the Yokoy spend management solution.

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