Highest security standards: Yokoy is ISO 27001 certified

Financial data are some of the most delicate ones a company is owning. In every step, finance departments need to consider security measures to protect their data as much as possible. With the ISO 27001 certification, Yokoy offers the highest security measures for all its clients.

Every day, we at Yokoy deal with huge volumes of financial data. Our clients use our Spend Management platform to manage their corporate spending and thereby upload a lot of their most precious data. So it is only natural that IT security has been paramount since our foundation. 

In addition to penetration testing by an independent third party Yokoy now established an information security management system for a holistic approach to security.

What does ISO 27001 mean exactly?

This holistic approach includes topics like our physical and environmental security, our HR processes and last but not least our development processes making sure we develop and deploy reliable and user-friendly software.

In four days of intensive auditing our policies and security practices have been challenged to achieve this gold standard according to international standards in IT security.

How do you as a client benefit from this certification?

Clear processes are established to ensure who gets access to your data, how the data is stored and who has the key to access it (hint: Yokoy does). Furthermore it establishes processes of business continuity in case of disaster or clear processes to counter the main IT security threats like ransomware attacks, malware attacks or data breaches.

While Yokoy has never been a victim of any of this in its company history, it is still wise to be prepared and have the procedures and responsibilities in place. As Yokoy’s Data Protection Officer, I am thrilled by this big achievement.

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