Future of finance

Future of Finance

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Recession Planning: How to Emerge Stronger from Uncertain Times

Building resilience and the right strategic choices are key to mastering an economic downturn. Read...

From Robotic Process Automation to Hyperautomation

Find out about the benefits of artificial intelligence for business processes and how to make them more efficient with hyperautomation in Yokoy's new article.
, - 6 Min Read

Future-Proof Your Business with Finance Automation

Find out how you can benefit from finance automation. By automating financial processes, you will reduce costs, increase employee satisfaction, and combat fraud.

Nina Aellig, Product Marketing at Yokoy

Nina Aellig, Product Marketing at Yokoy

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Was ist Spend Management banner - Spesen, Rechnungen, Aboverwaltung, Karten und Integrationen
- 1 Min Read

Was ist Spend Management?

Spend Management Softwares sollen den Aufwand der Kostenverwaltung verringern. Was steckt hinter dem Trend und wie hilft die künstliche Intelligenz...

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