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- 7 Min Read

The Fundamentals of Spend Management: How It Works and Its Benefits

This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of what spend management is, why it's...
, - 3 Min Read

Managing Business Travel in 2023: What Stays and What Goes

To mitigate the post-Covid challenges and future proof their travel programs, companies should look at their corporate travel process holistically and integrate travel expenses into the bigger spend management picture.  

The Yokoy Guide to FP&A: What it is, why it matters, and where we fit in

Expense automation experts Yokoy guide you through the areas and steps of financial planning and analysis – and how it’s changing for today’s enterprise.

Philippe Sahli, CEO at Yokoy

Philippe Sahli, CEO at Yokoy

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App showing fraud protection warnings
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Don’t forget fraud-protection on your automation journey

Digital transformation has reached the finance department and changed the job of a CFO in the past few years. Automation should now be part of their...

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