, - 5 Min Read

Invoice Processing Automation: Why it's Crucial for Your Business

Invoice processing automation plays a crucial role in optimizing a companies' financial operations....
, - 3 Min Read

How Companies Can Tap into Savings Potential in Spend Management

When it comes to spend management, many companies don't fully explore efficiency gains potential. How can savings potential be leveraged in concrete terms?
- 1 Min Read

Corporate payment cards: Rethinking pays off

Smart corporate cards are increasingly competing with corporate credit cards. How do they better meet the needs of modern businesses and their employees?

Petra Schubert, Partner Marketing Manager at Yokoy

Petra Schubert, Partner Marketing Manager at Yokoy

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Automation simplifies VAT reclaim.
- 2 Min Read

How to simplify VAT reclaim

Reclaiming VAT is usually a complex and time-consuming task. How can automated spend management significantly simplify the process?

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